Custom Mug Donation – Not Attending

Not able to attend but want to donate and receive a custom mug? Donate online here or print, complete and mail in this form with your $100 check to Milbank Show 15038 481st Ave Milbank, SD 57252. One-of-a-kind, custom mugs will be mailed to you in June. Whether it is an antique or a 2024 sled, you pick what is etched on the mug!

The 2023 Mug is here!

What is your favorite sled? Let us know and we’ll get the year and model engraved on your mug!

This is for everyone that has a snowmobile, no one is left out, those who are unable to attend the Milbank Show but would like to get a “one-of-a-kind” mug with their favorite sled which would include 60’s-70’s up to 2024, vintage or antique, sleds etched into it. Due to all the increase in prices, we need to get all the proceeds to help offset the promotion cost show. In the past 4 years, everything has doubled in price. We will ship the mug to you, just fill out the online form or paper form with a donation so we can get the correct information etched into your mug.

This has to be done by at least 3 weeks prior to the Show to have Creative Awards in Watertown SD get them done before the show time.